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\\ Sixth Form Launch

Sixth Form Launch

Agency : Spiked Media
Studio : Spiked Media

Coombe Wood School wanted us to create a marketing video campaign to support their launch of Croydon's newest and most exciting Sixth Form.  Aimed at year 11 students it needed to be edgy and promote the culture and lifestyle for the first intake year.

Spiked was approached to create this promotional when the newly built Coombe Wood School was looking to recruit it's first year of sixth formers.  At the time a poster campaign had been created and they wanted to commission a video for social media and their website showcasing the offer for prospective students.

We worked to develop a visual video which fitted into the poster campaign whilst asking the question that students and parents would and should be asking of schools competing for higher education students.  Combining those questions with a showcase of Coombe Wood School's offer as an answer the video was successful in generating interest and engagement in the form of high quality applications.