The TAC Project

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TAC – smart approach to a professional career

We were privileged to be asked by the Technician Apprentice Consortium to make video for them promoting technician apprenticeships! Forget your previous misconceptions about apprenticeships – these young people are working toward becoming the future of engineering while completing higher education, and they are getting paid for it!

The apprentices we worked with came from 7 engineering firms across the country, and we interviewed them at their various London and regional offices over a two week period. We were able to see an amazing range of talented young people at work and hear their stories of success and their achievements so far in their careers. We also learned the advantages they had found in taking an alternative route to their education.

The video needed to show the benefits and advantages of taking a
Technician apprenticeship, but also needed to be sensit
ive to not demote the traditional graduate route. We heard so many great stories and were able to see the journey undertaken to this career approach, from the young woman who always knew she just wanted to be an engineer, to the young man who wanted pursue a good education while supporting his growing family.

End result is that we all wish we were smart enough to think of doing a Technician Apprenticeship when we were young!