Producing Quality Content


The old rule that content is king is true, and I feel it’s the key to what we do.  Producing great looking video with well framed visuals, exciting graphics and clear branding aren’t enough.

Style over substance fades away, style with substance creates a lasting impression.

Imagine watching a hollywood blockbuster and being impressed by visual effects that are out of this world, a musical score performed by a one hundred piece orchestra, and a star studded cast of oscar winning actors, only to find that you are disappointed by the story they tell. The film’s impact fades, you may remember an image but it’s message, it’s adventure, doesn’t go to your heart.Harley Street

You probably don’t have to imagine it, we could all name at lease five films that fall in the “Style over substance” category straight off the top of our heads. But the point is that we notice it, and it annoys us. It’s a natural human instinct to flag things that appear ‘fake’ or don’t quite add up. 

On the other hand, the content that captures us the most connects with what we are seeing and hearing, when all the elements come together to support a solid story that moves us, causes us to stop and think, or simply be thoroughly entertained.

Just as much as with the movies, when you are looking to produce video content for your company’s corporate communications or social media campaigns, it matters that you get the content right.  It matters that you choose a producer and director that you can communicate with well and who can effectively tell your story, with your voice.  Someone who understands you, and even more importantly, understands your company. 

Before you get to the stage where you are commissioning for your video project, it may help you to sit down and take a moment to consider your message by asking yourself a few questions about who is going to watch your video, and what they will want to hear when they listen to your video. A young couple watching a property marketing video may want to hear about the modern and family friendly amenities and innovative design. A professional watching a communication from an industry leader wants to believe in the person they are listening to and believe they can innovate with them. They want to be inspired and motivated to achieve the results they are seeing or being asked for. An audience of thousands at a pop concert want to see a visual display that matches the personality of the artist they have come to see, and flows seamlessly with the songs they are listening to, it needs to be entertaining, but it must show the artist and their message coming through.


Similarly, if there are going to be people speaking in your video you may have an idea of what comments and message you’d like them to contribute, you may already know the questions you want your interviewees to answer. A good Producer or Director will know how to adapt this information to ask questions that get the best results and target answers from a person who is not used to being in front of a camera. Again, the key here is finding someone to work with who understands the ethos of your company as a whole, and the message you wish to communicate.

Of course, it’s not only down to the questions and what is said. It’s about how all of that content then marries up with your visual shots, animations, branding and the music. Every element should evoke and embody your message. For us at Spiked Media, this one of our key focuses. We care about how to best bring your message to life, and we’re not afraid to give advice that has your end goal in mind.

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The people you take on the journey with you should be those you trust with your vision, we work hard to take it in and make it ours.

At Spiked Media we love producing video and digital media content for a wide range of clients and consumers. If we can help you to shape your message and create content with impact, please drop our team a line on 020 3137 3100 or We’d love to work with you!