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Single Camera Shoots
Multicamera Shoots
3D Shoots
Social Media Video
Behind The Scenes
Location Sound Recording
Project Delivery

Whether it’s a single camera shoot or multi-cam shoot, if it’s in the midst the the action or behind the scenes.

Single Camera Shoots

including Documentary, Promotional, Presentation, Fashion, Music Video and Short Drama Formats

Our directors and cinematographers have single camera shoots covered for a diverse selection genres. From a simple office interview to a dramatised short shot on RED we’ve got a team that can deliver great results. We build a custom team for each shoot depending on your specific requirements and offer a wide selection of camera optionsto suit your budget and preferred viual style. Our showreel features a selection of our production and genre specific examples of our work can be obtained on request.

Multicamera Shoots

for Concerts, Conferences, Live Transmission and Live Performance

When an event needs to be captured from multiple angles simultaneously a multi-camera shoot is the solution. Our team are experienced with multi-camera shoots for both broadcast transmission / live screen display covering concerts, shows and conferences as well as multi-camera recordings for editing and distribution after the event. Where post production follows a multi-camera shoot we’re able to offer multi-camera edits so you can simultaneously view all the different angles captured in real time and select the best shot moment by moment for your final edit.


With the emergence of 3D as mainstream format and with technology starting to offer glasses free 3D TVs, seeing stereoscopic footage will increasingly become a part of everyday life. The format is already demonstrating greater audience engagement with 3D advertising and proving that when done well audiences have a greater emotional connection with the subject on the screen. We’re able to offer a number of 3D options for your video projects, please contact the Spiked Media office for more details.


To compliment our video services we offer photography for events, product promotionals and campaigns. Our team can combine photography with videography so that you have a single solution for capturing both media allowing for different platforms’ content needs to be captured at the same team, making efficiencies in the process.

Social Media Video

We offer regular social media video contracts in a number of forms to help you get a regular dialogue with your audience. Options include a shoot and edit service or simply a post service if you’d prefer to record your own content on the go.

We combine footage from the shoot with branded graphics, COLOUR gradING and audio post production so that your simple shoot becomes a great communication tool for getting out your message.

Our updates are most suitable for online video platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and company blogs to stay in touch with your clients and your captive audience. Our packages are customisable allowing you to add additional location shoots, graphical elements and intervies depending on the coverage you require.

Behind the Scenes

When investing in putting on a large event with high profile guests or expensive creative performances it’s become increasingly common to want to make the most of your investment and capture content beyond that of the main event.

Our behind the scenes team are experienced in producing great exclusive guest interviews, capturing rehearsals, filming engaging documentary elements from backstage and telling a story which enhances, compliments and adds to the message of the main event.

Behind the scenes elements can be turned into great extra features for post event products or created and uploaded live to the web for followers to get the behind the scenes experience as your event is happening.

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