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Development and Pre Production
Script consultancy
Promo Development

Location Sourcing
Management Archive
Content Licensing
Media Training
Visualisation of your message

Spiked Media offer full creative services beyond production. Our agency services will help guide the way your messaging communicates whilst we work with you to develop your visualisation and tell a great story.

Scriptwriting and Copywriting

Our creatives and writers focus on telling a great story whilst communicating everything clearly, appropriately and effectively.

The success of any effective content is in its ability to tell the story well.

We can help formulate your concept, with your script development, in writing effective interview questions, as well as copywriting for extra supporting content to make sure the overall campaign comes across with a unified tone. And where projects integrate a number of mediums such as online and social media with your core product, we can provide the expertise to make sure the message comes across all platforms consistently and effectively.

Creative Content Development

As our team span a wide range of creative disciplines we’re able to offer a large selection of different styles for your promotionals and infographics.

We can develop a selection of concepts to meet your brief and then work with you to refine them into a concept suitable for your campaign.

We’re particularly proud of our ability to listen to what you want to say and how you want to be seen so that we can build a concept that really brings out the best of your brand. We don’t try to bend your message to an idea, rather we work to find the best idea for your message.

Archive Research & Content Licensing

Great videos are made of great footage coupled with great soundtracks. Sometimes there’s a shot that would just lift the finished piece onto the next level but it may belong to someone else or be impractical to fit a suitable shoot into the production schedule. It could be as simple as wanting a aerial shot of the city without having a helicopter budget or as complicated finding and seeking permission for historical archive content that you may only have vague details of. Our Archive research and licensing team specialise in sourcing footage, images, soundtracks and reports and organising the appropriate licenses for their use in your production.

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